Jason D. Gerber

To say Jason Gerber is technical may be an understatement.  Whether it’s shooting, lighting, editing, or calibrating High Definition Projectors, he is obsessed with the truest quality image.  Striving for knowledge, he gained Imaging Science Foundation Certification, and Apple Computer’s Aperture Users Network training.

Jason began his photography like many others.  With a camera and wise instruction given to him by his father; taught always to look for that “interesting detail” he could shoot.  He is self-taught in darkroom hand printing.  And being a former professional skateboarder, he was always shooting as he explored in his travels.

Jason gained fashion & portrait experience by shooting for his wife while she attended Fashion Design school in the early 90’s.  Currently he is working with a local Modeling agency, and regional professional and private clients. 

For years he produced stunning Black & White fine art pieces which have been in local Omaha, NE galleries.  Including a feature show at Fluxion gallery where he featured his work, as well as students of his darkroom class from a inner-city youth center.

“I love discovering the character in people through my photography.  Not just the model, but engaging the viewer of the photo.”  JDG

Now living in Omaha Nebraska with his wife and dog, Jason still challenges himself and his subjects to not just take great pictures, but create beautiful photographs!  

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What Others Say:

    “I think Jason is incredible and his ability to manipulate lighting is amazing”

                                                                                                              Lori Meier- Texas

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